Pat & Jen Tellier

As wedding photographers, Pat and Jen Tellier have always viewed their role in a wedding more as a responsibility not as a job. Your wedding day will be full of emotion, both expected and spontaneous. As photographers, they view themselves less as a bystander and more as a piece of a living organism. They don’t believe that you can photograph the true emotion of the day from the outside; you must immerse yourself in it, truly enjoy yourself and leave at the end of the night as if you are part of the family.
Pat and Jen bring a unique perspective to every wedding they photograph. As individuals they strive to portray every emotion. Many wedding photographers view emotion as a strictly human element to the day, limiting it to a teardrop on a face or a smile on the father of the bride. Although these are some of the most important pieces to the day, Pat and Jen both understand that capturing the true emotion of the day, to be viewed for months and years to come, must include both the human emotion as well as the emotion of the day… moments like the sun of a warm day hitting the side of a bride’s face, the frantic hands of a hairdresser, the veil in the wind on a cool day or the true warm tones of the lighting in the ball room. Tellier Studios understands that the true story of your day lives in every detail.